Briefly about the Dukan Diet

Lose weight when you are around an abundance of unnatural foods, it is difficult and often impossible. The proposed Dukan method brings us back to a healthy diet of our ancestors. Primitive people - hunter-gatherers - ate protein, vegetables, and animal products.

Dukan’s diet slogan: "Eat as much as you want!".

The diet for the loss and stabilize the weight is divided into four stages:

1. Short phase Attack brings fast results. During this phase, you need to eat foods high in protein for rapid weight loss.

2. Cruise phase will help to achieve your true weight. During this phase, the diet alternates pure protein days with protein and vegetable days.

3. The Consolidation phase takes you back to a balanced diet. Length of diet on the third phase will depend on the result obtained, i.e. how you lost weight in the first 2 periods: for every kilogram lost - 10 days of the third phase of the diet. This is a trial period, the aim of which is to consolidate your weight. At this stage, gradually returning to your usual products.

4. Final phase of Stabilization is based on the difficult, but important rules. This stage is also the simplest and most important, as it is important to stabilize the weight and not gain re-dropped pounds.